Motorcycle Aftermarket survey

 This survey aims to identify the cost of motorcycle repairs, in particular those motorcycle parts sold by motorcycle manufacturers (OEMs), the independent sector and salvage yards.  The objective is to understand parts pricing in general as well as the cost of repairing motorcycles by dealers, repair shops or independent mechanics  in different countries in order to compare the costs of maintaining a motorcycle.

Note that the responses to this survey are anonymous and none of the questions are mandatory.  If you do not wish to answer any one of the questions, move on to the next. 


For a motorcyclist, the replacement of any particular part because of wear or damage can be a costly affair.  What this survey intends to discover is where the cost of specific parts and repairs are the most expensive or cheapest to offer riders information so that they can get better deals. 

Please note that we are not interested in servicing parts such as brake pads, chains, lubricants, filters or cleaning products.

This survey will close on 31st July 2022

There are 13 questions in this survey.